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What Does a Copywriter Do?

Copywriting has been a hidden specialty amongst the list of various writing occupations. So hidden, that when people hear ‘copywriting’ or ‘copywriter’, they immediately think of the copyright logo.

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I’m sure you’re familiar with the letter ‘C’ enclosed in a circle referring to the United States copyright laws. Well, copywriters are something quite different. A Copywriter is the writer of copy content used in online and print media, oftentimes for the purposes of marketing, advertisement, and instruction.

Copywriting Is Everywhere

If you are a person that has an active media usage, I can guarantee you have seen the work of a copywriter at least 10 times a day. A copywriter is most likely responsible for writing the content on a website you’ve visited, a flyer you’ve been given, an email advertisement you’ve received, a blog you’ve read, a product description, and so much more… A copywriter is writing this very blog post you are reading right now! Hi!

Now, not everyone utilizes the skills of a professional copywriter because they don’t realize there is a method to writing copy content. A skilled copywriter has the capability to merge creativity and strategy to deliver words that can give people cause to take a type of action and get the voice of a business heard.

Writing Content Isn’t All We Do

Content is how companies communicate with their audience and consumers. Having a strong voice with content that attracts people can help companies effectively communicate with the public while promoting brand awareness. A lot goes into having that compelling strong voice, a lot more than just writing. A good copywriter does more than just write for their client. We also plan and implement marketing strategies, providing in depth research and interviews. Since we write various forms of content for a wide range of market demographics, being well versed in the latest strategies and sales market trends requires regular research.

As a copywriter, I find satisfaction in my line of work, knowing that the project objectives were successfully reached while making my client’s life easier. Like myself, and the rest of the copywriters at LB Composition, we not only want to write content that captivates. We want to simplify the vast list of responsibilities our clients have while running their businesses. LB Composition has found a way to make our clients’ lives easier. Unlike traditional freelance copywriting, we’ve found a way to conveniently combine copywriting and virtual assistance services! Explore our services and see how we can make your life easier!

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